Dapol 4F-044-007 FEA-B Spine Wagon Set Freightliner 640155/156

Dapol 4F-044-007 FEA-B Spine Wagon Set Freightliner 640155/156

Brand: Dapol
Part Number: 4F-044-007
Scale / Type: OO Scale
Our Code: DA4F-044-007

FEA-B spine wagons were one of a range of seven FEA type wagons designed for the transport of iso containers. FEA-B wagons were constructed around a central spine of which substantial outriggers were constructed which housed the standard twist lock container fixings.

The FEA-B generally ran in pairs (usually with consecutive running numbers), semi-permanently coupled via a bar coupling. Introduced in March 2003 and built by Wagony Swidinica in Poland, in total 301 wagon pairs have been delivered. The main operator has been Freightliner, although smaller quantities have been delivered to Balfour Beatty (modified for sleeper transportation) and Jarvis Fastline, which were subsequently sold on to DRS in 2010.

Pair of FEA-B spine wagons with containers

  • Finely moulded body with many separately added details
  • Finely applied livery with accurately printed detail
  • Profiled wheels
  • NEM pockets with self-centring couplings

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